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E-learning course based on Act No. 253/2008 Coll. about some measures against the legalization of proceeds from criminal activity, is one of the obligations of financial advisors. The course is based on a legislative obligation. The obligation to complete this course is every 12 months.

Suitable for

  • All companies affected by the AML Act - as of January 1, 2017, also investment intermediaries.
  • Already at the present time, some companies have experience with control of the AML/CFT area by the CNB. The amendment expands the powers of the CNB to issue fines for violations of the obligations set out in the AML Act.
  • In the case of serious violations of the obligations stipulated by the AML Act, the Financial Analysis Office can initiate the withdrawal or cancellation of the authorization for business activity.

Why address the issue of AML

  • Effective from 1 January 2017, amendment to Act No. 253/2008 Coll., on certain measures against the legalization of the proceeds of crime and the financing of terrorism (AML Act)
  • Extension of the powers of the CNB to impose fines for violations of the obligations set out in the AML Act
  • In the case of serious violations of the obligations set out in the AML Act, the authorization for business activity may be revoked or cancelled.

This amendment:

  1. expands the range of obliged persons, the new obliged persons are investment intermediaries,
  2. has the consequence that obliged entities must adjust the system of internal principles (SZV) to comply with the requirements of the amendment to the AML Act,
  3. requires that the obligated persons selected in the AML Act deliver the SVZ for inspection by the CNB,
  4. authorizes the CNB to exercise supervision over the fulfillment of the obligations set out in the AML Act.

Are you among the required persons? Check it directly in the law HERE.

How to start a collaboration

If you need to solve the fulfillment of legal obligations arising from the AML Act, you can order a general course from us (practically immediately, without any modifications or delays). Please find the contents of the general section below. Contact us.

If you are a larger company and want to incorporate internal documentation into the course, contact us! We will definitely offer you a more favorable corporate price. 

How does the collaboration work?

  1. Get demo access to the course
  2. Signing the contract + handing over the internal AML documentation and incorporating it into the course
  3. The opening of the course to employees and the annual study of the course and the passing of the test

Services provided

  1. The AML e-learning course consisting of a general part supplemented with chapters processed on the basis of your internal documentation - you will get a course tailored to your company!
  2. E-learning AML test for annual testing and compliance with legal obligations.
  3. A comprehensive managerial online tool for managing the fulfillment of duties, comprehensive reporting, adding new employees, preparing reports, etc.

Topics in the general part of the course

  1. Basic abbreviations and terms
  2. How to recognize a suspicious business
  3. Client identification
  4. Client control
  5. Control of compliance with the obligations set by the AML Act
  6. Methods and procedures for risk assessment, risk management, internal control and ensuring control over compliance with obligations set by the AML Act
  7. Failure to complete the trade
  8. Procedure for making stored data available to competent authorities
  9. Rules for processing suspicious transactions
  10. Provisions on the preparation of BT assessment reports
  11. Changes and updates of SVZ
  12. Resources and supplementary materials

Price of the general course

The price of the course depends on whether we will include your internal documentation in the course, as well as on the number of people who will use the course and the length of the contract for the use of the AML course.

According to these factors, the price of the course ranges from 1 100 CZK without VAT to 825 CZK without VAT.

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1 100,00 Kč
s DPH 1 331 Kč
45 studujících
2:00 hodin studia
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